EHOOSH programming

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Our program is based on the “My Time, Our Place” Framework for School Age Care developed by the Council of Australian Governments. The Framework acknowledges the importance of play and leisure in children’s learning and development, and recognises that learning is not limited to any particular time or place. It provides a foundation for ensuring that children in all school age care settings engage in quality experiences for rich learning and personal development.

The Framework is not a curriculum but rather acts as a guide for the roles and responsibilities of school age care educators. The broad direction it provides is based on numerous bodies of research on education, brain development, and children’s health and well-being, as well as the importance of play.

We welcome input from all children and families, educators and members of the local community. Open-ended experiences allow children to explore, investigate and make decisions about their own activities and play experiences. A flexible weekly program is designed and displayed in consultation with the children to meet their diverse needs. Children are free to choose their own activities or to participate in planned activities.

We want to let you know all the exciting things we are doing at EHOOSH this week.